Wedding ceremonies are seminal events for a bride and groom. Consequently, while basing the ceremony on tradition, Rabbi Tishkoff enables couples to customize many aspects of the ceremony according to their preferences be it adding alternative wedding blessings, having friends and family participate in the ceremony or writing their own Ketubah.

Ketubah - Sample

A Sample Ketubah

A typical wedding ceremony is structured in the following way:

  • Processional – Bride & Groom make their way to the huppa
  • Welcome & Betrothal blessings over the first cup of wine
  • Bride & Groom exchange rings or other items of value along with verbal statements of commitment
  • The Ketubah is read out loud and signed by witnesses
  • Family / Friends offer 7 traditional blessings and are welcome to offer additional modern blessings
  • Rabbi Tishkoff offers personal blessings
  • Groom breaks this second cup of wine at the conclusion of the ceremony