Ramat HaNadiv (Rothschild Gardens)

There are two possibilities for the Ramat HaNadiv (Rothschild Gardens) site:

1) In the Middle of Nature – From the parking lot near the Mataim restaurant, one can walk to an outdoor shady spot which is among trees and has a bit of a view of the ocean. The walk itself is about 15 minutes along a dirt road.

No entrance fees. Comfortable clothing and walking shoes are recommended.

2) In a Lecture Hall/Auditorium – To use the indoor air-conditioned auditorium (seats 60-70) which is adjacent to the restaurant. It’s a very cozy, intimate and modern auditorium; parking, outdoor playground and clean bathrooms are nearby.

Usage fees apply.

In either case, you can arrange for a vegetarian, kosher meal at the Mataim restaurant.

For more information:

Rabbi Tishkoff can provide a Torah scroll.